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Imago Relationships Worldwide

Albuqueque Cohousing

IT department at DTU in Denmark

Holma – a permaculture folk high school

Self-determination – only with co-determination

Self-determination – only with co-determination

El Semillero

Sociocratic tools

Making of the agenda: past, present and future of the circle

Diagram: Understand – explore – decide

Sociocracy tools and principles and natural systems

Performance reviews: step by step

Preference, range of tolerance and objection

Double linking

A complete and generic circle structure

Circular hierarchy

Hub: a single-linked connection of organizations

Difference between mission circle and general circle

All process roles of a circle

General Circle

Delegates to the General Circle

Most recent

Performance reviews

Performance reviews

Performance reviews (or “Role Improvement”) are a way to give feedback to one person or each other in a space of psychological safety.

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On interpersonal feedback

On interpersonal feedback

No feedback, no improvement! Without hearing from others how they perceive what we do or say, we will never hear how we can improve. Bonus: an brief and simple introduction into NVC.

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