Sociocracy Training

Sociocracy For All offers training for all levels. Most of our training offerings are online and we have created enjoyable online training options for sociocracy.

We care about social change and affordability – please let us know if your financial situation keeps you from getting the training you want. 

Our training offerings


Open live classes

Find upcoming classes to learn and practice with a trainer.

Video-led courses

Groups of 4-7 people.
Start any time!

Custom for your team

Your own class for your team, scheduled for your availability.


Requirements: none

You get:

  • overview of sociocracy
  • some first-hand practice



  • familiar w/ sociocracy basics

You get:

  • facilitation training & practice

Nonviolent Communication

Requirements: none

You get:

  • more compassion
  • more effective communication

(available in 2021)


Facilitation practice

5 weeks
offered 3x/year
$140 (group discount 30%)


  • Facilitation class or workshop

You get

  • become a weathered facilitator with role plays designed to prepare you for anything!
  • reflection space

Sociocracy Leadership Training 

10 weeks
offered 3x/year
$440 (stipends available)


  • good knowledge of sociocracy incl. some practical experience

You get

  • an immersive experience of sociocracy in context
  • 10 weeks, 20+ hours total plus homework


Sociocracy Academy

12 months, starting February
$500-2000 (sliding scale)


    • solid knowledge of sociocracy incl. some practical experience
    • commitment to the learning path and participatory learning
    • participation in two sociocratic organizations (one can be SoFA)

    You get

    Implementation support

    Draw your own circle structure

    Free video-led course for groups or individuals

    • Video session 1: Learn about sociocratic circle structure.
    • Video session 2: Guide to design your own structure.

      Coaching and consulting

      Get support from experienced sociocracy coaches and consultants.

      We offer several options for coaching on our coaching page. 

        All options in comparison

        Offeringbeginnerintermediateadvancedindivi- dualsgrouphow oftenhourscost
        Beginner video-led (SoBa, 'ELC')any time8$120/group
        Custom beginner workshopany time6$900
        Facilitation workshop8x/ year6$100/person
        Facilitation video-led (SoFT)any time6$220/group
        Custom facilitation workshopany time6h$900
        Nonviolent Communication class6x/ year6$100
        Nonviolent Communication video-led (not yet available)any time6$120
        Custom Nonviolent Communication classany time6h$900
        Sociocracy Leadership Training3x/ year24$440
        Facilitation practice3x/ year9$200/person
        Sociocracy Academy1x/ year100+$500-2000
        Coaching/ consultingany timeany80-150/h
        Circle structure (video-led)any time2hfree

        Training philosophy

        Skills matter!

        Our training philosophy is that In Sociocracy For All, we’re aware that skills are the key to making sociocracy work. Knowing about sociocracy is one thing but being able to make real-life improvements to our decision-making, team structure and meetings is key to positive change. It involves knowledge, practice and some re-learning. All of our practical workshops include small group exercises. 

        Group learning, and affordability

        The only way to learn is with other people. We are aware that training one person in an organization is not enough to change the culture sustainably. For that reason, we offer group discounts for all of our training offerings. When people sign up together for the same class, each person receives a 30% discount. That way, you can have buddies to practice with – and we are excited when your skills will be used! 

        We offer video-led courses for study groups of small groups. The reason for that is our theory of change: we want to make sociocracy training accessible in all sectors and places on this planet. The internet and video-led courses as well as live online training gives us the widest accessibility and makes high-quality training affordable. That way, many people can benefit.

        If your budget prevents you from attending a class, especially if your region differs in cost of living, please don’t hesitate to contact for a stipend. Our policy is that no one is turned away for lack of funds. We’d love to support you!