Sociocracy For All offers a variety of learning of opportunities, both in person and online. Our online sociocracy trainings have international participants and are particularly affordable.

Training for Beginners

In-person workshops

You can book a SoFA staff member to run a workshop in your organization. All workshops are interactive, engaging and relevant. In-person workshops can be perfectly tailored to your organizations. ($1500-2500 plus travel costs from Amherst Massachusetts; to save money, you can make it an open workshop). See what we cover in a 2-day workshop.

Study group curriculum

The Empowered Learning Circles (ELC) is a video-guided curriculum for groups of 4-8 learners. ELC covers the content that would be covered in a weekend-workshop, including interactive exercises. It is perfect for a first overview or a refresher for a small group. ELC is a very affordable and conventient way of learning sociocracy, at your own pace and in a location of your own choice. (0-$210 plus donation) Learn more.

Training for Intermediate Learners

In-person workshops

In person workshops: we’re happy to offer an in-person workshop building on what you already know. For instance, you might be about to implement sociocracy and your staff needs facilitation training, or you have a special focus on sociocracy. ($1500-2500 plus travel costs from Amherst Massachusetts) Contact us to talk about your ideas.

Sociocracy Leadership Training

Our online immersion training “Sociocracy Leadership Training” is our most popular program. 18 participants from all over the world work together in three circles over a period of time of 9 weeks. They work on projects, case studies or put on a webinar. All meetings are run sociocratically and a trainer is always present for support. Learning by doing at its best! ($210-420) Learn more

Advanced Training


Webinars. SoFA puts on one or two webinars per month. They cover special aspects of sociocracy, or they feature guest speakers from related fields. All of our webinars can be watched in our youtube channel. Upcoming webinars can be found here.

Training of trainers

We offer a training of trainers through our membership organization. This is a brand-new program and will most likely build up towards certification. As part of our training of trainers, you get access to an international community of sociocracy practitioners and trainers. Learn more