Meeting Evaluation Cards


Deeper connection and understanding in your group with the Meeting Evaluation Cards

The Meeting Evaluation Cards help group members with getting to know each other better, grounding and giving feedback.

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What you’ll find inside the Meeting Evaluation Cards

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In the Meeting Evaluation Cards deck you’ll find 54 cards, including:

  • 18 Connection & Grounding Cards
  • 34 Check-out Prompts Cards
  • 2 Instruction Cards

How to use the Meeting Evaluation Cards

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x18 Connection and Grounding Cards

Get to know each other more in your group or community, during a meeting or other gatherings! These prompts can also be used as check-in of a meeting.

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x38 Check-out Prompts Cards

At the end of your group’s meeting, these cards help you as a group to reflect and give feedback so you can improve meetings over time! You’ll find cards for feedback on:

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