Sociocracy for Activists: Organizing by Consent

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Address critical problems plaguing organizations working to create a more just world

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Does your organization struggle with…

Group decision-making

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  • Is consensus too slow or getting bogged down?
  • Is informal decision-making leading to paralysis or to hidden power hierarchies?

Running effective meetings

  • Do your meetings lack a structure that allows for forward progress and full engagement?
  • Do you ever wonder, “Did I need to be at this meeting?”
In sociocracy, we discuss in rounds to engage everyone and gather all the wisdom in the room. And by distributing power across interconnected teams, decisions are made by those doing the work while gathering input from those affected by the decision.
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Why use sociocracy in activist groups?

We believe activism and sociocracy are a great match. Both value shared power, equality, and cooperation.

Many activists using consensus or majority vote find it challenging to have the decision-making they are longing for. Decisions might take a long time or don’t include everyone’s input. With sociocracy, many of these issues disappear:

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  • Clarity: small, trusted teams, and people in clear roles make it easier to define each other’s responsibility and authority. Fewer discussions have to be discussed by everyone – and yet, those smaller teams have more headspace to actually listen to everyone’s input.
  • Calm meetings: rounds and consent and an orderly meeting format help so no one gets ignored and nothing is forgotten.
  • Connection: smaller teams and rounds help build trust, belonging and togetherness.

Where do we start?

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Read and watch the information on this page. If you are interested in suggesting sociocracy at your organization, make sure to read The Sociocracy Starter Kit first. You will notice that it suggests involving other people in your exploration as early as possible. Having seen dozens of organizations in this situation, we really mean it!

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Organizational membership for activist groups

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