Case studies of sociocracy

Curious what sociocracy looks like in real organizations? What are the struggles, the changes, the benefits? Read these case studies and get a glimpse into the reality of sociocracy.

These case studies are typically written by our students in the Sociocracy Leadership Training.

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Case Studies

Children sitting in a circle

Weaving Global Governance from Below: Neighbourocracy and Children’s Parliaments in India

Eric TolsonJul 18, 202218 min read
A Case Study The Dream, the Web “Imagine a [… ] spider’s web in the early morning covered with dew drops.  And every dew drop contains the reflection of all […]
Youth Power Coalition: A Movement Organization Using Sociocracy

Youth Power Coalition: A Movement Organization Using Sociocracy

Hope WilderJun 7, 202215 min read
Jump to: What is Youth Power Coalition? ​​Youth Power Coalition (YPC) is a coalition of youth leaders and adult allies building a movement for youth-led collective impact using sociocracy. They […]
This is the sociocratic structure of the High Mowing School

High Mowing School Sociocracy Implementation Case Study

Hope WilderMar 29, 202213 min read
Between 2012 and 2015, High Mowing School (a Waldorf boarding high school in New Hampshire) used sociocracy as a governing structure with faculty and students. The outcomes of sociocratic implementation […]
Hager Homestead Case Study

Hager Homestead Case Study

Sociocracy For AllJun 14, 20217 min read
Hager Homestead is a community in Littleton, Massachusetts (United States) working to form the first 55+ cohousing community in New England.
Sociocratic Governance in Unicorn Grocery Co-op - Sociocracy For All

Sociocratic Governance in Unicorn Grocery Co-op

Abbie KempsonApr 3, 202112 min read
What is Unicorn Grocery? Unicorn Grocery is a thriving worker-owned, values-driven grocery co-op using sociocracy for its governance in Chorlton, Manchester, UK. They consist of 71 members who all work […]
Sociocracy in Big Data: A case study with Hertzler Systems

Sociocracy in Big Data: A case study with Hertzler Systems

Sociocracy For AllMar 17, 20218 min read
The primary source of the information in this case study came from a 2021 interview with Byron Shetler, CEO of Hertzler Systems Inc.   HERTZLER QUICK FACTS Location: Goshen, IN […]
La croisee des chemins logo sociocracy in schools

La Croisée des Chemins: A school using sociocracy

Hope WilderJan 28, 202111 min read
La Croisée des Chemins, or Crossroads, is a cultural center located in Dijon as well as the first democratic free school in France. It uses #sociocracy!
Case study: Asheville Movement Collective

Case study: Asheville Movement Collective

Sociocracy For AllDec 14, 20206 min read
AMC is a dynamic dance community focus in Asheville. It has achieved remarkable success, acknowledged as largely due to the adoption of Sociocracy in 2009. The resulting growth in membership was well-managed; the organization was growing in responsiveness to the many pressures of the various dance communities it attracted into its membership, and it recognizes the value of encouraging diversity and building pathways to do so. 
R:ekobyn i Röstånga – a forming community

R:ekobyn i Röstånga – a forming community

Sociocracy For AllNov 26, 20205 min read
R:ekobyn is a forming ecovillage in rural Sweden. R:ekobyn encourages local businesses and plans to lease part of the land to new businesses to bring back daily social life to the village, reduce the need to commute.