Sociocratic Organization Health Check

Health check How well is your governance working? from Sociocracy for All

You use sociocracy? That’s awesome!

This quiz allows you to review how well things are going in all the essential areas of your governance system. The quiz only takes 5 minutes to take and will allow you to identify strengths and weaknesses of your own system – an excellent opportunity to self-assess your system.

  • How good are your meetings?
  • How effective is your decision-making?
  • How well is your structure working for you?
  • How good is your information flow?
  • Do people trust each other?
people in a business meeting

Choose the right option for you:


  • Complete a 5-min quiz.
  • Get an instant breakdown of your organization’s health score.

Organizational Sociocracy Assessment

  • We compile the responses from your group.
  • We create a report with graphs to ilustrate the areas of strengh and those of growth.
  • We meet with you to review your results so you can create a plan to improve your governance system.

Want to talk about the results?

We have experienced consultants available to talk through your results with you if you’d like.

Want a more representative picture of your organization?

We offer a deeper picture with anonymized results and coaching to our Organizational Learners. Learn more.