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A Nonprofit Bringing Sociocracy to the World

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A Nonprofit Bringing Sociocracy to the World

Training & Coaching

We offer training on all levels, beginner to training of trainers/consultants.


Offerings videos, case studies, articles. We wrote a handbook too!


There are many of us! We are about 100+ members and 4 people on staff.

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Featured Articles

Using Sociocracy for Decision-Making in Social Services and Medical Care

Presentation by Norma Wassel Medical and human services are routinely delivered in a hierarchical system with rigid roles of authority. This results in a process that often disempowers staff as well as the individuals and families receiving assistance. How can we implement Sociocracy in these systems? With case examples! 

Sociocracy as a solution for succession and organizational effectiveness – NGO case

Presentation by Irena Kaszewska. Description: Szarża is a horse riding association with a 35-year history. It has always based on volunteer work, creating a unique community, inclusive and active. With a growing scale of operations, the ad-hoc and intuitive management style of volunteers started to be insufficient. Sociocracy, piloted on a small scale, proved to be just the right solution. We are now at the brink of full-scale implementation, aware of many challenges, and full of hopes. 

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