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Ecovillages, cohousing, communes, cooperative housing and other intentional communities are now widely using sociocracy as their governance system. An intentional community is a group of people who decide to live together, whether on the same land or in the same building, to carry forward a mission common to all the residents. The mission can either be environmental, social, spiritual, or all of those. They often strive for sharing the power, and often struggle with the challenges of such a culture shift. Sociocracy answers many questions, like “how can we get things done efficiently”, “how can we distribute power and make sure every voice is heard”, “how do we share responsibilities” and “what is the best format for a meeting”. This page is dedicated to support you in your sociocratic community journey, from discovering sociocracy, to implementing it in your community.

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Where is sociocracy used?

A google earth view of our map of sociocratic communities in north america
A google earth view of our map of sociocratic communities in north america. Click on the map to explore.

google map pin image Represents Ecovillage and Co-housing Organizations using Sociocracy

Member Communities

  • Green Grove Cohousing
  • Kawartha Commons
  • Rachel Carson Ecovillage
  • Cohousing Hamilton
  • Adams Creek Cohousing
  • Treehouse Village Ecohousing
  • Prairie Hill Cohousing
  • The Coastal Village
  • Columbia Ecovillage
  • Lookout Arts Quarry
  • Altair Ecovillage
  • Bridport Cohousing
  • Westwood Cohousing
  • Blueberry Commons Farm Cooperative
  • Common Ground Ecovillage
  • Atlan Center
  • Urban Coup
  • Port Townsend Ecovillage
  • Tiny House Community Bristol
  • Jesus People
  • Irresistible Community Builders

Frequently asked questions

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Is it hard to use Sociocracy in intentional communities?

Sociocracy (also referred to as Dynamic Governance) is used in dozens of communities and ecovillages worldwide. Depending on how your culture is set now, there is definitely a learning curve. However, that learning is often experienced as liberating and clarifying.

We have noticed that sociocracy is easiest to implement in a forming group. Yet, even communities that have used consensus for decades have been able to switch and enjoy smooth, action-oriented and connecting governance.

How do I start using sociocracy for my intentional community?

Read and watch the information on this site. If you are interested in suggesting sociocracy to your community, make sure to read The Sociocracy Starter Kit first. You will notice that it suggests to involve other people in your exploration as early as possible.

Case studies about sociocratic intentional communities

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Training for intentional communities

Online courses

Our most popular training with intentional communities are the two following ones. Our sociocracy courses are online, self-paced, and they could be taken individually or as a group. Take the quiz if you would like to discover other types of training that fit the exact level of your community.

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Sociocracy basics video led course

2-4 hour sessions to learn by practicingwith your own group, at your pace.

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Interactive introduction to sociocracy

25 minute video free!

Sociocracy quiz - find your level

Test your level

Would you like to discover other types of training that fit the exact level of your community?

Would you like to have customized training for your community, online or in person?

From your very first discovery to continuing education, our trainers specialized in Intentional Communities can design a personalized program for you.

Book a free 30-min session to discuss your needs.

jerry Koch Gonzalez

Jerry Koch-Gonzalez, certified sociocracy consultant

Location: USA, Language: English


Audrée Morin, trainer in training

Location: Canada, Language: French and English

We exist to support you with your sociocracy implementation!

How is governance going in your community?

Are you curious how well your community is doing with sociocracy? Here is a questionnaire that you can use as a regular evaluation tool for continuous improvement. How often do you do rounds? Are all your circles double linked to the general circle? How often do you use the consent decision-making process? Fill out the community governance audit form and get your decisions, structure, culture, feedback and overall “sociocraticness” scores.

Join our community of practice —find your people!

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We gather monthly to support each other in using Sociocracy in our co-housing, ecovillages or other intentional communities. We discuss themes such as how to implement Sociocracy, conflict resolution, policy vs operations, managing objections, and much more.

This community of practice will allow you to find companionship and build relationships with other sociocratic communities, like Port Townsend Ecovillage (OR), Cherry Hill Cohousing (MA), Bridport Cohousing (UK), Eden Community (TX), and Kawartha Cohousing (ON-CA).

Join Advocates for Sociocracy in Community!

It’s a drop-in group, and we’d be delighted to meet you and learn about your community in our next session.

Attend a first session to try it out!

Organizational Learners

Organizational Learner communities receive many benefits as an organization and as individuals!

  • discounts on trainings, books, and coaching,
  • access to our communities of practice meetings and online discussion forum, and
  • being connected with sociocratic communities all over the world!

The annual fee for organizational membership starts at $150.

Have questions?

Schedule a free zoom call with Audrée, the Intentional Communities Organizational Learners Administrator.

Facilitation services for intentional communities (new!)

  • Are you just starting with sociocracy and would like a professional to facilitate your first meetings in support of your implementation process? 
  • Or do you have a complex issue for which you could use a guest facilitator?

That’s what our “Find a Facilitator” service is for! Fill in the form, and a facilitator will be assigned to you. You can make a special request for one of our certified facilitators specialized in Intentional Communities:

Fill in the form

Sociocracy facilitators specialized in intentional communities

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Audrée Morin

Speaks French, English

[email protected]

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