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We’re doing our first major fundraising campaign!

The closer we come to the goal, the more features there will be on the website and in the song.
Help us make more voices heard — in this song and in organizations all over the world! Add your voice to the song!

Level by level, we will unlock new features in the song and on the website

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin,000Raised 11,088 towards the 15,000 target.11,088Raised 11,088 towards the 15,000 target.74%
The campaign
reaches …
And we will add …
… in the song:
…on the new website:
$5000+ the full song!Done
+ a page bundling all resources on meeting facilitation
+ incl. a complete recording of a meeting with an election, several consent decisions with objections,...
$10,000+ adds an awesome guitar solo
+ a second part
+ an article on how to design a circle structure
+ a free 6h sociocracy class for climate activists
$12,000+ adds a Spanish chorusNext!
+ interactive video training (MOOSE) in Spanish
$13,000+ 180 searchable FAQs about sociocracy
$14,000+ adds a chorus sung by children plus all other video submissions
+ adds all the donor names in the closing credits
+ a site-wide glossary of key sociocracy terms with definitions
+ our contributions will be matched, reaching a total of $30,000!+ a free ebook of Ted’s best articles plus a bonus article to all donors

So far we have raised $11,088 towards our $15,000 target! That’s 74% of the total!

We’re a non-profit (in Massachusetts, EIN: 04-3235656) and we’re always happy to say they your donation can be tax-deductible.
FYI, SoFA is also able to accept donations of stocks and bonds and any other financial securities (more info).

What we’ve been doing in 2019

  • Spanish translation of Many Voices One Song will be in print by the end of the year.
    (Portuguese too but that was done by Sociocracia Brasil!)
  • Supported more than 20 study groups (the Empowered Learning Circles), and produced a version of the program in Spanish.
  • Conducted four 9-12 week online leadership training programs (SoLT/ProPS), including one in Spanish.
  • Launched our advanced year-long training program -the Sociocracy Academy with 35 participants.
  • Produced an animated introduction to Sociocracy called MOOSE  (Massive Open Online Sociocracy Explainer) in English and in Spanish
  • Launched a series of intermediate classes on facilitating sociocracy, designing sociocratic organizational structures, generating feedback, and integrating Compassionate Communication (NVC) in sociocracy.
  • Produced a series of webinars on Dragon Dreaming and Sociocracy, Ownership and Sociocracy, IT solutions for sociocracy and more.
  • Held our first residential training program – 9 days in Denmark. We are going back in 2020!
  • Supported sociocratic implementations around the world.
  • Co-founded the International Sociocracy Certification Board
  • Co-hosted the Sociocracy at Work conference in the UK and presented at the US National Cohousing Conference, the Choice Conference in Madrid, the Eastern Conference of Workplace Democracy, the Vermont Employee Ownership Conference and others.
  • Our members conducted in-person workshops in the US, Europe (particularly Spain), Latin America and Australia.
  • Grew the membership of SOFA to more than 100 volunteer working and supporting members.

Become a voice in the song!

How to contribute a video submission:

  • Record your voice/face, without recording the music in the background. (You can achieve that by playing the music on headphones – that’s what we did! That way, you hear the music but only your voice is recorded.)
  • Send your video to [email protected].
  • Note: if you send us a video, we assume that you consent to being in the video, including your name. If you’d like something else, let us know!

        The song lyrics!

Many Voices Sing One Song

You and me together
we can help each other thrive
I know you and you know me
open hearts feeling alive

Singing together, each our part
forming together a work of art
we all want to belong
many voices sing one song.

You and us together
each has a piece we need to know
we form a web of our connections
we need them all so all can grow.

It is all of us, wherever
for different ways, open and free
we have the tools to build that future
let’s make it a reality

Stanzas: D Ab G G A :||
Chorus: e A Db, D Ab f#, G G A A (D)
by Ted Rau, October 2019