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Thank you so much!

Thank you to all donors and supporters, to all SoFA members and friends who supported our fundraising campaign.

Having raised $26,695, we are very happy and proud!

This amount of money will help us …

  • break even, continuing to offer many basic resources and videos for free
  • and expand our offers, to offer a free video-led Nonviolent Communication class later this spring
  • and support language communities and schools, communities, cooperatives that want to benefit from sociocracy. 

Who are the people behind the scenes? Watch this video and see some of the people who put their passion, time and minds into SoFA. cool


Written, performed and produced by SoFA members, supporters and friends!

Guitar – Mica Sun of Possum Splendor
Vocals, Musical Saw, Viola, Banjo – Alea Rosinblum of Tangle Cove (
Clarinet – Jeremie Becker-Chetrit of Tangle Cove
Mixing Consult & Percussion – Liam Niblack of Everland (
Music and lyrics by Ted Rau
Kim Newton – voice
* The future is what we’re doing now, not what we’re waiting for *
Every dollar helps us share the gift of sociocracy

Our successes in 2019

Website views197,358
Views of our free youtube videos:42,466
People in training and conferences1,897
People who have been in paid part-time roles27
Volunteer members166

What donations can do:

These are our website statistics over the last 36 months. We think we can be proud!

Seeing the boost from last year’s fundraising, can you imagine where we will go with another boost?!

Help us grow sociocracy even more in 2021!

We’ve received more than 26,000 in 2020!

Together Is The Way is a collective effort to create awareness about our staff’s work and raise funds to support their actions towards SoFA’s mission and vision to create the shared future we dream. Our goal is $30,000. What this will help us do: 

  • 12k break even
    2020 has been a year of significant investment and challenging pivots as a result of COVID. SoFA has done an excellent job pivoting, and even without US Federal Aid, has managed to do very well. While we have savings from past years, to break even we estimated $10-15k is needed to cover the costs of pivoting to entirely online operations and support the growth investment we’ve done this year, especially around localization to support offerings around the world.
  • 12k support language communities
    We are putting lots of effort into helping people from non-English communities access and spread our content. This is key to our mission to make sociocracy accessible – everywhere! Help onboard new language communities!
  • 3k produce a video-led Nonviolent Communication group learning tool
    We want to make a free course to enhance understanding and caring, bridging gaps between people, and more effective communication. We are strong in self-paced training and high-quality content that helps people learn together in an affordable way. We want to push this even further. Similar to our successful self-paced study curriculum for groups that has trained hundreds of people, we want to do the same for Nonviolent Communication – because that’s what’s needed in so many organization. Help us reach our stretch goal and help us support others. 
  • 3k Sector focus.
    Sociocracy is strong in so many places: communities, cooperatives, schools, nonprofits, for-profits. We are supporting the building of strong networks that help people be catalysts for change in their sectors. We want to put more resources into the support of those networks.

We’re a non-profit (in Massachusetts, EIN: 04-3235656) and we’re always happy to say that your donation may be tax-deductible. SoFA is also able to accept donations of stocks and bonds and any other financial securities (more info).