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SoFA Memberships

Yes, we’d love to have you!

Why join Sociocracy For All? To become part of an international community of people who are working to share sociocracy widely. We work together, we support each other, and we share resources. Circles decide together and make things happen. And every once in a while, we just hang out in a video call to spend time together and to get to know each other more.

Too much commitment? You can also become a recurring donor!

Working Members

As of 2019. SoFA has about 120 members worldwide. With, on average, one new member per week, we are growing fast!
Do you want to be our new member of the week?

Expectations for working members

  1. Every working member joins at least one work circle (fixed minimum – 2h/month) and participates in work outside of meetings (variable)
  2. At least $50 per year to cover basic operational costs of membership.
  3. Intention to connect: give and receive feedback, engage lovingly in conflicts as they arise, communicate about your life and your progress and setbacks
To join Sociocracy For All, you must have experience with Sociocracy, have an orientation meeting, make a work contribution by joining a circle, and make a financial contribution. Remember, you are joining as a volunteer in a working organization. While we hope your participation will contribute to your learning, you are not joining a training program.

What do we mean by “you must have experience with sociocracy”?

Fully qualified to join SoFA:

  • alumni of Sociocracy Leadership Training (SoLT)
  • participants in equivalent level trainings by The Sociocracy Group, The Sociocracy Consulting Group, Sociocracy 3.0 or others

Potentially qualified (explore in conversation with SoFA Membership Coordinator):

  • participants of an Empowered Learning Circle (ELC study group)
  • participants of weekend workshops (any flavor of sociocracy)
  • members of sociocratic organizations
  • people who have studied sociocracy in self-study

Anyone else: contact us to determine how we can help you get up to speed.
Be aware that we expect members to be functioning in a sociocratic context. SoFA is a working organization. Of course, you will also gain experience and you will be able to ask questions. But the focus is on operations and supporting/evolving the worldwide community.

A little party with some of our members.
In this picture, there are members from 12 countries!