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We are a non-profit.

Peaceable Communities, Inc., dba Sociocracy for All

Why a nonprofit?

It was clear from the beginning that SoFA wouldn’t be a consulting group; while SoFA members do consulting work and coaching, the point of SoFA is that we support an ecosystem, not just client work.

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The difference becomes more clear if you look at it like this: a group of consultants will have clients, and will benefit from having a good relationships with the clients.

  • Yet, who connects the grassroots levels with each other, so they can learn and grow on their own?
  • Who makes the blueprints, resources and templates, that support everyone but that don’t bring in income?
  • Who creates cohesion and learning across the lines of who-is-a-client-of-who?

That’s where movement support comes in. We’re like the fertilizer between the roots. 

We support and empower those who challenge the old system to collaborate effectively in these areas:

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New Economies

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What do we spend money on?

The most precious resource in these times is time and attention. That’s why more than 80% of our operating budget goes into paying decent wages to people who care about this work and have the expertise, experience and connections to make this movement stronger.

Movement support work isn’t always glamorous or visible. It’s cleaning up lists, fixing bugs in websites, making visuals for handouts, translating content, following up with volunteers, checking in with people who got trained and are implementing, helping students find organizations for case studies. Sometimes it is visible work and paid. And sometimes it is visible work and unpaid – like some conferences and travel costs associated with that. We think all of them are needed, and we evaluate what we do based on how useful we think it is in contributing to the movement.

We believe in sociocracy as a positive contribution to society. We want decision making as equals out in the world – free like the water the drink and the air we breathe.

An organization that owns itself

Being a nonprofit also comes the closest possible to our ideal of an organization that isn’t owned but it’s an organization that owns itself.

We believe that a governance system should not be owned. It should be commonly co-created and stewarded like a language. You can’t own a language, and neither can you own group processes.

That’s why sociocracy needs to be a commons, owned by everyone and no one, that can be free to evolve.

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We are committed to transparency

We have been awarded the Gold Transparency Award 2022 by Candid, demonstrating our commitment to transparency. Candid finds out where money comes from, where it goes, and why it matters in order to connect people who want to change the world to the resources they need to do it. View our Candid profile to view our financial reports, board leadership practices, organizational demographics, and more.


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