Sociocracy is used in many sectors

Sociocracy is used in dozens of countries and dozens of different kinds of organizations.


Examples are sociocracy in …

  • schools
  • business
  • non-profits
  • cooperatives
  • activist organizations
  • volunteer groups
  • permaculture practitioners

Each network has its own culture and language and specialties. For example, in businesses, a lot of culture change needs to happen to keep things peer-oriented, while in communities, sociocracy can bring forward motion and productivity. 

Here are some of the places we pay most attention to.

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For communities only!

Special offer: your community can become an organizational member of Sociocracy For All

(This offer is only available to intentional communities for now.)

  • All community members of your community can get training with Sociocracy For All at a discounted rate.
  • Delegates from your organization can attend and participate in
    • SoFA Communities of Practice for communities (meets monthly)
    • Read/write in the consultant’s Corner Members Forum for communities with advice from consultants with experience in sociocratic communities. (any time)
  • $150-250/year+ per community

    The benefits to your community

    • The better trained your community members are, the better all meetings, decision-making and flow of information will work. You’ll be on the same page.
    • You don’t have to provide training for incoming members, just send them to our beginner classes that are offered about 6x/year, or form groups of new members to go through a study group together with our automated classes – that way, everyone is trained and ready to participate right in time for when you need it.
    • Be connected to the overall movement and learn about other, related tools and skills!
    • Find companionship in the Community of Practice, build relationships with other sociocratic communities on the planet.
    • New questions can be answered almost in real-time on the forum.

    Interested? Contact Audrée Morin