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“By attending to this Conference, I felt like I belong to a worldwide movement of people who believe that sociocracy is an interesting way of making the world a better place.”

Yannis Camus, 2021 Global Sociocracy Conference attendee

Why attend a SoFA conference?


SoFA conferences bring together a diverse assembly of international speakers who are experts in their field. Presenters bring concrete tools as well as detailed case studies of what works and what doesn’t work in real organizations using sociocracy.


A SoFA conference is a place where participants can meet each other and have interactive experiences with speakers as well. Conferences are a great way to network with interesting people from all over the world. You can also follow up your conference experience by joining a SoFA Community of Practice.

Be Inspired.

This is a movement which is creating change for a better future. People who have attended past conferences use words like “engaging,” “inspiring,” and “magical” to describe their experiences.

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