Sociocracy in Schools Conference: Empowering Youth in Education

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Sociocracy in Schools Conference:
Empowering Youth in Education

January 15, 2022

Imagine a world where consent decision-making is a part of the school curriculum. Imagine a world where students have a voice in the governance of their school, a world where children and youth are empowered to decide collaboratively on issues that are important to them.

That world exists, today, in schools and youth organizations that use sociocracy. Sociocracy in schools allows students, teachers, parents, and administration to all be heard in decisions about topics such as the class schedule, shared finances, the rules of the school, the school environment, and pedagogy.

At our 2022 conference, we had speakers on topics ranging from nuts and bolts of the selection process and conflict resolution, to stories about youth activism, and many case studies with real-life examples of sociocracy in schools and with youth of all ages. You will hear from alumni, school leaders, consultants, and advocates in these recordings. This conference was produced by the Schools and Youth Circle of Sociocracy for All as a part of a grant received from the Rising Foundation to support teaching sociocracy and self governance in schools to youth and youth educators.

 Learn more by watching recordings below!

Sociocracy in Schools 2022 Conference Program

This conference was on January 15th, 2022

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