The New School – Sociocracy, Social Justice, Attachment and Trauma (Tom Oberst and Mario Dellow)


Join us to hear about our school, and discuss our experiences of education. The New School is an alternative non-fee-paying school in London. We are driven by giving every student a powerful sense of agency – the will and the ability to positively influence their own lives and the world around them. Education at the moment is too focused on passing tests and a narrow curriculum that doesn’t acknowledge the broader interests of children or a richer concept of human creativity. Importantly it also doesn’t help children develop the skills they need for mental, physical and emotional well-being. By creating an educational space that allows young people to be recognized and to participate in decision-making structures as equals, we believe every young person can fulfill their potential and go on to lead happy lives. Ultimately if we change the way we educate our children, we can change the world. Last, but not least, we are non-fee-paying – we don’t believe income should be a barrier to a better education.

Presenter Bio

Tom is Class 3 teacher at TNS, and Mario is the Pastoral Lead.