Power and trauma: what we learned from 6 years of running a school with sociocracy (Thomas Marshall and Fleur Mathet)


We started the first democratic school in France in 2014, La Croisée des Chemins. The project was run with sociocracy from the beginning until the school was closed in 2020. We would like to share what we learned from the challenges of shared power with other adults involved in an alternative education initiative.

Presentation slides

Presenter Bio

Thomas Marshall and Fleur Mathet are social designers, facilitators, and trainers. We were co-founders and leaders of La Croisée des Chemins. Thomas has a Ph.D. in communication science and is presently the leader of the certification circle in the french sociocratic center (CFS). Fleur is trained in person-centered psychotherapy and is presently offering services for individuals and organizations with her broad toolbox and deep experiences of human relations (https://fleurmathet.eu).