Re-inventing Education Together (Ellen Even and Armin Sieber)


The Integrale Tagesschule Winterthur is an alternative secondary school located in Winterthur, Switzerland. In this presentation, we will focus on specific steps that enabled ITW to include all people involved in a purpose-driven school development process.

Presentation slides

Presenter Bio

Ellen Even is living with her husband and twins in Zurich, CH. She works at Integrale Tagesschule Winterthur (ITW) where she started her inward journey after being introduced to NVC, Solution Focus Approach, Spiral Dynamic. Her interest in Sociocracy was sparked after visiting some sociocratic schools in the Netherlands. Ever since she’s been looking for ways to cultivate sociocratic values & tools at ITW.

Throughout his different roles as teacher, coach, OD consultant, facilitating individual as well as collective growth is Armin Sieber’s great passion. Together with a team of highly committed teachers at Integrale Tagesschule Winterthur, he embarked on the journey to explore what a future-oriented Sociocratic organization might look like.