What drives me
As the first sociocratic school, we are now looking back on 8 years of experience. The FRISCH school is organized completely sociocratic with everyone who is involved: teachers, parents, students. Since its foundation, many alternative schools and initiatives have followed our example; one could even say there’s a surge of people who want to reform democratic structures and help them become more authentic.
For 6 years, I have accompanied alternative schools and initiatives in the sociocratic circle method, in particular in combination with the four basic values defined by Jesper Juul: responsibility, authenticity, integrity, credibility.
In this presentation, I will report on my experiences and provide insights in how sociocracy can succeed in a school.

Presenter Bio

Philipp-Damian Siefert, born in 1962; an educator and supervisor, family-lab workshop leader and trainer for Teenpower, musician, narrator, author and motion artist. Philipp-Damian was the initiator and founder of the FRISCH school – free, inclusive school in Erbach & Michelstadt – the first sociocratic school in Germany which he is now the principal of; co-founder of the FRISCH culture; married for 35 years, with two children and three grandchildren.