Strengthen youth leadership – Open election of class representatives as initiative (Lisa Praeg)


Do you remember the last time you participated in a democratic election? What did you feel when you put down your vote? Have you been elected, or was someone elected for whom you didn’t vote? The open nomination, a sociocratic principle, is a gift to the world! It creates a balance to the experiences of secret majority voting or selection by top-down authority. Imagine if each child experiences even one or two such open elections during their time in school. And now imagine if we could advance this training by teaching different nomination methods that strengthen positive group experiences?

The initiative “Sociocratic elections of class representatives” is only a kick-starter to inspire the use of different decision-making methods. In the last 4 years, we have had great success! We published step-by-step guidelines on how to facilitate open elections in the classroom. And it even got translated into 8 different languages by the SoFA community! We had many online and live training sessions with teachers, and also workshops in schools with students. The inspiration is spreading and spreading around the globe. We are seeding the future of more well-being within the classroom, a deeper solutions-focused and co-creation-based teamwork, and a more consistent politics that creates a good life for everyone.

To learn more about our impact in the classroom and the step-by-step procedure of facilitation of the open nomination for the class representative, join this presentation.

Presenter Bio

Lisa Praeg is a facilitator and consultant for collaboration, participation, and innovation. Sociocracy is her main tool to encourage culture change in schools, organizations, and companies. Bringing the sociocratic workflow into schools and teaching it to the young generation is her passion. Since 2017 she is working with school classes and gaining experience on how to use the sociocratic election as a door opener for collaboration in the classroom. More about her and her impact at

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This presentation is from the 2022 Sociocracy in Schools Conference. 

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