Sociocracy in Schools

“We are so happy to be using Sociocracy in our school with full participation in Member (children), Staff, Parent, and Board circles joined by a Community Circle. The kids are amazingly confident, free, happy people who are excellent communicators because of our weekly Change Up meeting, where we try out new practices one week at a time.

Sometimes our meetings end in tears because people have never experienced a workplace where every voice truly matters both in sharing feelings about how things are going and checking in with each other emotionally, and also in policy decisions such as paid overtime, staff hours, and how our governance works.  Every time we ask for feedback on our processes, people share how clear and efficient our meetings are. There are still difficulties, as collaborative skills are not widely shared in the larger world, and we are starting from scratch with a lot of our parents and staff so training is necessary to bring everyone on board. We are still learning how to be clear about power and responsibility with roles and our circle structure. However, seeing the children lead effective meetings, make consent based decisions together, and check in about “good enough for now, safe enough to try,” it gives me hope for the future.

Hope Wilder

Pathfinder school, North Carolina USA

For classrooms

Tools and processes that support more democracy and participation in classrooms

For entire schools

How can everyone’s voice sing the same song – each in their different way? 

For Classrooms

Open Sociocratic elections for classrooms

A brochure for teacher who are ready to try consent decision making instead of an election using majority vote. 

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Self-determination only with co-determination

An article about the important of participation in decision making in education.

By Simona Zäh, Unico School, Switzerland

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Consent decision-making for student voice

“The Conversation Series – Episode 1 – Audrey Cheynut – “Consent decision-making for student voice” by Learn to Change

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“I’m so glad to have found sociocracy- which is democracy, as it could be- to help with the subtle art of compromise.”

Hope Wilder, Pathfinder

For Entire Schools

How does one organize a whole school in circles?
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Who is already using sociocracy to run their school?

Note: this list is FAR from complete! Help us make it more complete (see map). Another resource to find sociocratic schools is Wondering School with a map.

From Dr. Dawson, ‘Lectica has tested many other private schools – very good ones – and also public schools of high socio-economic level, but we have never seen scores like Rainbow.’  […] Rainbow students have remarkable ‘perspectival’ abilities to take the perspective of others, a core aspect of transformative learning.


General Resources for Learning and Implementation

Meeting posters

Having a visual makes every meeting easier to follow.
Use them in your meeting room, or laminate and bring along?

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Study group curriculum

The most affordable and easy way to train your all team!
4×2-hour sessions with exercises, readings, handouts, perfect for groups of 5-8 people. Video-led – just turn on the video and learn! By donation/coaching on a sliding scale.

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Talk to a real human!

You’re not alone on this journey! We can connect you to others who have done it before, or talk you through a strategy that works for your particular circumstances.

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Sociocracy Handbook

Written by the co-founders of Sociocracy For All. 300 pages.

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All Education-Related Resources in Sociocracy For Al

Comparing Robert’s Rules and Sociocracy: How Consent Decision-Making Solves Some Problems From Parliamentary Procedure

Comparing Robert’s Rules and Sociocracy: How Consent Decision-Making Solves Some Problems From Parliamentary Procedure

The word democracy comes from the Greek “demos”, and is the shared rule of the people. The original meaning of democracy is a very large umbrella, of which majority rules is only one subset. Sociocracy, on the other hand, derives from “socios,” and means “the rule of the associates.” Sociocracy is one form of democracy as it could be, based on consent.

Reiterating Sociocratic Models for Culturally-Competent Inclusion, Accessibility, Accountability, and Transparency (Sophie Xu)

Reiterating Sociocratic Models for Culturally-Competent Inclusion, Accessibility, Accountability, and Transparency (Sophie Xu)

Sophie Xu explores how to center historically and currently marginalized voices — especially those of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) — in existing and innovative sociocratic framework. She grapples with and examines the births of sociocracy, its linkage to whiteness, and how to render its core, identifying, and groundbreaking norms (e.g. consent-based decision-making) culturally-competent.

Building Sociocracy into Morey Flextech High School

A presentation by Will Gowen. Two years of building student agency at a small public charter school in rural Michigan, USA. Learn about the first two years of a newly started public charter high school that attempted to utilize different democratic methods to give students voice and choice in their schooling. Eventually landing on sociocracy, this high school utilizes sociocratic methods both in the classroom and for school governance. Hear about our successes, challenges and opportunities for growth!

Sociocracy in Schools

Presentation by Hope Wilder. Case study from Pathfinder in Durham, NC. How does consent decision-making work on the ground with ages 5-14? What does sociocracy look like when including the whole school community? Hope Wilder will discuss implementation of sociocracy in a self-directed learning community with Board, Staff, Parent, Community, and Member’s (children’s) circles.

Sociocracy and Permaculture Design in a School Setting

A presentation by Andreas Jonsson. How can we integrate Sociocracy with Permaculture Design to get things done effectively and sustainably, and at the same time learn a lot? Andreas is a Permaculture Designer & Teacher. He works as a selected School Head Master at Holma – a school for Adult Education, which is run with Sociocracy and built on the Permaculture Ethics & Principles. It caters to around 200 students over the year.

Sociocracy Handbook: Many Voices One Song

Sociocracy Handbook: Many Voices One Song

The practical sociocracy handbook written by the co-founders of Sociocracy For All. 300 pages full of real-life support!

Sociocracy in Schools: The Harvest Bounty Restaurant Project: Gina Price and Jessie Barber

Jarrahdale Primary School in Western Australia used Sociocracy to produce a restaurant evening featuring food cooked by the students from produce grown in the school garden. All students, including kindergarten and pre-primary, participated in at least one of the nine circles which formed a 3 tier structure.

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