Building Sociocracy into Morey Flextech High School

Jun 7, 2020

This presentation was part of the Global Sociocracy Conference 2020

The 2020 Global Sociocracy Conference was a wonderful success thanks to the community of incredible presenters who came together and shared their experience and knowledge!

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Building Sociocracy into Morey Flextech High School

A presentation by Will Gowen


Two years of building student agency at a small public charter school in rural Michigan, USA. Learn about the first two years of a newly started public charter high school that attempted to utilize different democratic methods to give students voice and choice in their schooling. Eventually landing on sociocracy, this high school utilizes sociocratic methods both in the classroom and for school governance. Hear about our successes, challenges and opportunities for growth![echo-content-down-arrow id=”temp-id” class=”temp-class” size=”50″ type=”epda-icon-arrow-soft” animation_type=”bounce-effect-1″ color=”1776C0″ duration_time=”20000″ bouncing_speed=”3000″ move_to=”” scrolling=”true” disable_bouncing=”false” disable_duration=”false” ]

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