Holma – a permaculture folk high school

GCC = General Course Circle
HAV = Health, Working Environment and Guidance
COM / ORG = Communication & Organization
PDC – Permaculture Design Course
BY – Transitioning a Village
RE – Resilient Entrepreneurship
SK – Forest Gardening
OD- Organic Growing for Self Sustenance
MUJ – Basic Organic Growing
LIV – Handling of Food Stuffs
BUI – Building and Restoration
MED – Sustainable Media Course
Participatory (Student) Domains
PO – Practical Transition
TV – Additional Subjects
DR – Student Council

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What is a Help Desk?

What is a Help Desk?

After using sociocracy “by the book” for years and very successfully, we have started to introduce a new concept: a Help Desk circle. It introduces a small but extremely powerful nuance in what circles are and how we can decentralize decisions and operations while empowering everyone in the organization in moving things forward that they care about.