Sociocracy in Communities Conference 2021

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Sociocracy in Communities Conference 2021

November, 20, 2021

Community is at the same time simple and really complicated. We want to enjoy a more connected life together, deep in relationships with each other and the earth. What could be more simple than that? It’s what people have done for thousands of years!

Yet, we all know that community comes with the need to organize, figure out sometimes tricky questions: making financial and design questions together, talking about pets, parenting, parking, meetings and community work.

Communities benefit from the special design of sociocracy of making decisions together while preparing the way for action, making sociocracy an often-used option for governance of communities all over the world. It’s used in North America, South America, Europe and the rest of the world.

Different speakers – all deeply immersed into community – will share their insights and practical tools. It’s a time to connect with others and see the big movement we’re all part of – a better world with healing relationships, resource sharing, and a self-chosen way of living.

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Given the vast inequality on our planet, affordability is something we care about for our global event. If you would like to attend this conference but have a hard time affording the tickets, please contact [email protected] to get a discount. 

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