Role Review Process – Cohousing Hamilton (Kathleen Livingston)


Presenter Bio

Kathleen Livingston, spent most of her career in middle management in the not-for-profit sector. Having certified as a Master Gardener, upon retirement she started a horticultural/garden maintenance, design and consultation enterprise, which she operated until a slip-fall accident in early 2020. Good timing for full retirement, as she is deeply involved in helping to manifest Cohousing Hamilton, an intentional community that has adopted sociocracy as it’s governance model. Cohousing Hamilton is on a trajectory to be move-in-ready in 2024. Kathleen’s roles in Cohousing Hamilton include serving as the Lead in Sociocracy Circle, the Secretary in the Steering Circle and the Facilitator and Secretary in the Finance & Legal Circle. The entire organization is completely immersed in sociocracy, and it’s working wonderfully well!


Role Review Process – Cohousing Hamilton