Presenter Bio

Cohabitat Québec bought land in 2010 and moved in in 2013. Since the beginning, we have been using the Sociocratic Circle-organization Method (SCM) with 6 functional circles, a general circle and a mission circle (legal board). With years of experience and a lengthy reflection, we decided to bring the board into the general circle. We will present our rationale for doing so and observations from the first year of implementation.


I have been practicing Sociocracy since 2010 within Cohabitat Québec, the first cohousing project in the province of Québec. I am passionate about bringing sociocracy into democratic organizations like coops within my work at Percolab. I am a member of Sociocracy for all and also involved in the international Sociocracy 3.0 community to spread Sociocracy into the French-speaking world.