Power and Transparency in Intentional Community (John Schinnerer)


Presenter Bio

John is a whole systems design consultant, teacher, and facilitator who works with a broad variety of clients developing cultural and ecological systems. Since 1996, he has studied, worked, taught and published in the realms of human relatings, governance and decision-making systems, appropriate technology, and ecological design. The innovative and collaborative methods, tools and techniques that John offers invite clients to transparency and equivalence while enhancing individual and group effectiveness and integrity.


Transparency is a foundational value of the Sociocratic Circle-organization Method (SCM). Power is an unavoidable element of human relatings. Intentional community is consistently a crucible for issues of transparency and power. We will explore concepts and aspects of power in human interactions and how they relate with our experiences in community and elsewhere. We will also explore how transparency relates with implicit and explicit power in groups of people.