Meaningful orientations to sociocracy in communities that have adopted sociocracy (Lauren Lake, Stefani Danes, and Craig Mosher)


Presenter Bios

  • Lauren Lake is retired from a leadership role in the pharmaceutical industry. She and her husband and moved into Green Grove Cohousing in Forest Grove, Oregon, in 2020. She is an avid hiker and backpacker and volunteers on trail work parties. Lauren is one of two Sociocracy trainers at Green Grove, planning the initial training and creating an ongoing orientation for her 9-unit community.
  • Stefani Danes is a member of Rachel Carson EcoVillage, where she currently serves as Project Manager for its development.  As an architect, she designs urban affordable housing, cohousing, senior cohousing, and community facilities.  She teaches courses on housing, intentional communities, and sustainable neighborhood revitalization in the School of Architecture at CMU.  Over the past ten years, she has visited more than forty communities in the US and Denmark, prepared post-occupancy evaluations, and has completed a course in cohousing development.  She has been a presenter at national Cohousing Conferences.
  • Craig Mosher, an American social worker, has been living at Prairie Hill, Iowa City Cohousing for almost four years. He took the SoLT 5 training when the community adopted sociocracy and has been involved since then in training and implementing sociocracy at Prairie Hill.


So you’ve rolled out Sociocracy in your community. Whether it was years ago or just last month, you probably participated in some sort of training as a group and had opportunities to practice and develop your skills together. Now a new member household joins your community? What do you do for them? Repeating the intensive initial training may not be practical with one or two new neighbors. We’ll discuss what we are doing in three communities. We’ll cover what’s working well, and where we have opportunities, and then open to Q&A and discussion so we can learn from each other.

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