Presenter Bio

Alex Soto is a facilitator of collaborative teams, consultant in organizational culture and mentor in social entrepreneurship. With a degree in Communication from the Universidad Iberoamericana, he became involved in the entrepreneurial ecosystem with a focus on social and environmental impact. He currently collaborates with different collectives and organizations, such as Socialab, Global Shapers, Colectivo de Diseño Disruptivo, Reimagina2030, Climate College, among others, where he is exploring distributed cooperative structures, governance models based on self-management and mutualism networks through big scale. He also directly accompanies early-stage entrepreneurs in the development of human skills, as well as teams that seek to distribute power and decision-making among all those involved. As a member of Sociocracia Práctica, where he participates from the consulting circle, he seeks to integrate the great contributions of Sociocracy with his knowledge in agile management, design thinking and impact measurement, to continue contributing to the construction of a regenerative and inclusive economy, where people can work from purpose, autonomy and collaboration. [email protected] / @alexsotodigital


After having experienced several coliving projects (as an employee and resident), I realize that dynamic governance is a key piece for the model to work.