Cultivating a Sociocratic Indigenous led Resource Group (Kris Stevens)



What does it mean to move together at the speed of trust? Can a team of settlers and indigenous consultants, along with their client communities use sociocracy to become a leading non-profit resources group with the capacity to co-create resilient housing, energy, training and planning solutions that address the climate and social justice challenges of our times? Join the Roots to Roofs Community Building Society team as they share the exciting internal, group and project work they are undertaking as they build a new kind of organization and work with indigenous and non-indigenous communities, labour organizations, educational institutions and government agencies.


Learning outcomes

  • Find out the underlying principles being used to guide Roots to Roofs organizational and project work
  • Hear about the challenges and successes that have arisen implementing sociocracy
  • Explore with us the idea how non-profits like Roots to Roofs can generate “community wealth” venture capital, breaking the cycle of grant dependence to tackle the challenges of our times
  • Meet the settlers and indigenous team members and learn how their use of sociocracy is expanding into other aspects of their life.