Analyzing the power (harmful and/or generative) dynamics in your team – Rebecca Fisher-McGinty

Rebecca Fisher-McGinty: Analyzing the power (harmful and/or generative) dynamics in your team Speaker:

Rebecca Fisher-McGinty joined Round Sky Solutions as a worker-owner and the Communications Lead in 2016. She’s always had a sense that group processes and they how hold a lot of power in our teams. In her work with Round Sky, she’s committed her work to support cooperative leaders to live out their values through facilitating generative and meaningfully collaborative group processes.

Presentation: Often, our cooperatives are formed as a response or alternative to the destructive power dynamics in the mainstream hyper-capitalist and oppressive systems. However, it often takes some unlearning and new structures to help us create the workspaces that we dream of. Sometimes, we experience harmful power dynamics and uncomfortable situations in our teams that we’re trying to replace! Through presentation and application, viewers learn a useful framework for analyzing the power (harmful and/or generative) dynamics in your team. Applying this framework can provide another layer to practicing dynamic governance with intention and actively shifting the harmful power dynamics that show up.

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