Beyond Fair Shares: A Sociocratic UK Cooperative Society – Nathaniel Whitestone

Nathaniel Whitestone: Beyond Fair Shares: A Sociocratic UK Cooperative Society

Speaker: Nathaniel Whitestone has devoted his life to creating a world where healthy power, rather than toxic power, is the norm. He cofounded the Ecovillage Network of the Americas in 1996, brought Sociocracy to the UK in 2007, founded the world’s first cooperative sociocratic consultancy in 2010, served on the global General Circle of The Sociocracy Group / Sociocratisch Centrum for several years, and is now leading a project to bring India’s Neighbourhood Parliaments movement to Europe.

Presentation: Beyond Fair Shares: A Sociocratic UK Cooperative Society. We have developed a society model that brings together the Sociocratic Neighbourhood Circle (aka Neighbourhood Parliament), cohousing development, and local multistakeholder coop. Learn about our model rules and how to use them for several different types of sociocratic cooperative. This presentation assumes strong practical understanding of both Sociocracy and cooperatives. These cooperative society rules have been developed by Patrick Andrews (of The Barefoot Lawyer and The Human Organising Co.) and Nathaniel Whitestone (of A Fairer Society and Governance Alive).

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