“I knew sociocracy was special when I realized that for every circle, I left the meeting feeling more inspired, more connected and even more refreshed than I had entered the meeting. Who ever calls a meeting refreshing?!”

The best thing about sociocracy is how wonderful it feels to do it! In every interaction, every meeting, every task done, we feel the difference in a sociocratic organization. Try it out!

Implementation roadmap

The idea of sociocracy is appealing but it also seems daunting? You are not alone. We can travel with you, breaking down implementation into doable bits and staying close in case you need help. Doing sociocracy and implementing it are two different things, and it is a good idea to get some help to get you off to a good start. Learn more



You only want to talk through something, for instance your governance agreement for implementation, or your circle structure? We reserve some of our time for pay-as-you-go for trouble shooting.

This offer is best for anyone who has implemented sociocracy but would like to keep someone in reach in case questions come up.

($150 per hour; sliding scale for social change organizations)

Contact us

SoFA on retainer

The better we know you, the better we can support you. The most convenient way for you to get help is to put a SoFA staff member on retainer. We meet on a regular basis (monthly) or we can find an agreement on an as-needed basis. You get exactly what you need exactly when you need it.

This offer is most useful for organizations that have implemented sociocracy (or are in the process of it) and want to have the confidence that they are on the right track.

($100/month) Contact us

Feel inspired?

Read case studies of organizations that are using sociocracy!

See the example roadmap of large consensus-run organizations that have implemented sociocracy on their own. Implementation in a smaller organization is easier.