Sociocracy For All’s 7th Annual Sociocracy Conference 2024

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Discovering the 7th Annual Sociocracy Conference 2024

The Interrelated Nature of Sociocracy

Governance is the intersection of people, their intentions, and their actions. Sociocracy facilitates better interaction and integration – aligning people with their actions and intentions, and fostering alignment among individuals.

Exploring Interrelatedness

“Related” means to “bring back” into the other realm. “Interrelatedness” extends the feedback loop in all directions, connecting everything and forming a bigger whole.

Sociocracy thrives on interdependence derived from interconnectedness and differentiation, where each system part contributes, resulting in something new.

Conference’s Focus on Interrelatedness

Interrelatedness between people: Meet, connect, explore topics, and leave refreshed in your longing for a world of dignity and shared power.

Interrelatedness between organizations: Learn from others’ experiences and improve as a movement.

Interrelatedness between movements: Explore practices that align well with sociocracy in talks and networking sessions.

This conference is unique – designed not just to inform but to foster networking, providing ample opportunities for conversations and learning from others.

Sectors Covered

Discover a transformative convergence of minds, passion, and purpose across various sectors:

  • Business
  • Grassroots Groups
  • Nonprofits
  • Associations and Networks
  • Education
  • Cooperatives

abbie kempson - - Sociocracy For All
Bernadette Wesley - - Sociocracy For All
Brian Palmeri - - Sociocracy For All
Charlie Lenglez - - Sociocracy For All
Clarke Bankert - - Sociocracy For All
Connei Sitanggang - - Sociocracy For All
Dr Suzette Garay - - Sociocracy For All
Fred Jaben - - Sociocracy For All
jerry koch gonzalez - - Sociocracy For All
JoAnne OBrien Levin - - Sociocracy For All
Juliette Jack Banerjee - - Sociocracy For All
Kare Wangel - - Sociocracy For All
Karl Sullivan - - Sociocracy For All
Kathrin Schmitz - - Sociocracy For All
Kathy Mitchell Garton - - Sociocracy For All
Kia Aoki - - Sociocracy For All
Kristen Del Simone - - Sociocracy For All
Leander Roth Stas Schmiedt - - Sociocracy For All
Lie Heymans - - Sociocracy For All
Lorraine Margherita - - Sociocracy For All
Marc Choyt - - Sociocracy For All
Mary Robson - - Sociocracy For All
Monika Megyesi - - Sociocracy For All
Nikoline Arns - - Sociocracy For All
Oreon Trickey - - Sociocracy For All
Rodd Myers - - Sociocracy For All
T Sogoba - - Sociocracy For All
Ted Rau - - Sociocracy For All

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We offer sliding scale pricing for tickets. If you’re unsure how much to contribute, check out our questionnaire.

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General Admission

This ticket gives you access to all live conference talks and recordings. Available for 2 months on the event platform.

Ticket Pricing: Minimum $60 | Recommended $80-120 | Pay it forward $160-$240

Minimum price: $60.00

We are committed to affordability.

Given the vast inequality on our world, affordability is something we care about. If you would like to attend our conference but have a hard time affording the ticket, you can contact [email protected] to get a discount.

Event Details

This is an online event. The conference will happen online via Zoom Events on May 16th, 2024 at 12:00 – 20:00 UTC.
05:00-13:00 Seattle | 08:00-16:00 NYC | 13:00-21:00 London | 14:00-22:00 Berlin

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