Sociocracy in Intentional Communities Conference 2023

Sociocracy for All’s 3rd annual online

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Learn from Cohousing, Coliving and Intentional Communities around the world at the Sociocracy in Intentional Communities Conference

The conference will explore how sociocracy supports ecovillages, cohousing projects and housing cooperatives to meet social needs through resilient, equitable and regenerative self-governance practices.

Most of us have not grown in a collaborative culture where each is called to share their perspective to create a shared view of the life we want.

When we join a community, we soon notice that some patterns keep us from deciding together smoothly: one wants to be right, the other is conflict-avoidant…

Participative decision-making is a change of paradigm that requires lots of learning and unlearning, and is a precious skill to allow our group to co-create the life we really want to live together.

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Questionnaire adapted from Anti-Oppression Resource & Training Alliance.

Photo courtesy of La Tribu Sylvilisée intentional community

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This conference is possible thanks to Sociocracy For All‘s members and donors and to this year’s sponsors:

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The Sociocracy in Intentional Communities Conference 2023 is organized sociocratically by SoFA’s Intentional Communities Circle

Visit our Sociocracy in Intentional community website to find out more about what we do.

“Life creates conditions conducive to life.”

Jenine Benysus,

Scientific researcher of applied biomimicry design and regenerative culture thought leader.