Imago relationships

Location: global
Organization: network
Size: 500-2000+

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Imago Relationships Worldwide is a network of Imago Relationships professionals and supporters in 17 countries, with the founders and majority of members in North America.
We are still in the process of adopting sociocracy which is part of a larger transition intended to create an organization that is aligned with the values of sociocracy and Imago relationships. We have created a circle structure that is still changing (and will continue to!), and have adopted a sociocratic meeting structure for our central circle. This session will focus on our recent transitional retreat, a four day experience facilitated in a combination of sociocracy and Imago facilitation.

Further SoFA Reading

National, regional and local chapters – expanding sociocracy

National, regional and local chapters – expanding sociocracy

This article shows how sociocratic circle structures of small, nested, linked circles can connect while keeping each group and each meeting meaningful while making sure information and services can flow through the organization. In addition to standard sociocratic tools of linked circles, this article also makes use of two additional tools: the function of a help desk and the function of a community of practice.

Self-organization – A leap into the unknown

Self-organization - a leap into the unknown ‘What?! Self-organization ?! What is self-organization? We have already practiced socialism in this country and it did not work for us. What are you proposing to us here? ‘ - such a comment was given to me by a colleague...