Presenters: Michael Geiß & Leif Hanack
Location: Berlin, Germany
Organization: For-profit
Size: 170+ members


Our mission is to make financing understandable and accessible for everyone. We make products comparable and the process comprehensibly, so that customer can make the right decision: anytime and with trust and confidence.

We are called a FinTech these days and use agile software development practices since 2006. Roughly since 2015 we applied more and more practices to our organization.
In 2018, we consolidated to the use of holacracy and sociocracy. Early 2019 we consolidated again and now use holacracy everywhere. We integrated some important values and practices from sociocracy into holacracy and think it is good enough for now and safe enough to try. Michael and Leif can tell you why that happened and why they (as part of the sociocratic unit) want that chance.


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