A For-Profit using sociocracy: Europace

Apr 28, 2018

Language: Deutsch

Europace Inc. is a subsidiary company of Hypoport Inc. and has around 140 employees. Europace is Germany’s largest financial marketplace for real estate financing, building saving schemes, and private credits. With a transaction platform, Europace Inc. creates and develops markets for the consumer.

Strong growth and the merger of three divisions motivated Europace to explore other desicion making tools.

IDM from Holacracy® was first brought into the management group of the mother company Hypoport Inc. and was applied in management meetings (without having a circle structure yet). Seeing that IDM was resolving issues, Leif Hanack (head architect and line manager at the time) was motivated to do research on Holacracy®, where he came across a sociocracy primer. 

Read this full case study if you’re interested in learning about:

  • Lessons learned during the implementation of sociocracy on a for-profit company of around 140 employees
  • Advantages and disadvantages of using Agile and sociocracy together
  • Europace’s tips for implementing Sociocracy
  • The effects that sociocracy had on their company
  • The digital toolbox Eurospace used to implement sociocracy in their company.

This case study was written by Thorsten Scherbaum in November 2017 as part of his contribution to the Sociocracy Leadership Training. Other versions: English short version, German full version, German short version