For purpose: Galgael

Apr 28, 2018

This case study features a social enterprise/working community in Scotland, Galgael, in the middle of their implementation process.

This case study is helpful if you

  • have both volunteers and staff
  • would like to get an understanding of what it is like to start implementing sociocracy slowly
  • “A hierarchical organization can compromise on inclusiveness, and a charity can afford to be ineffective.” A social enterprise needs both, the effectiveness as a business and the inclusiveness and equivalence to be aligned with the social values and mission of the social enterprise. 
  • This case study was written by Ted Rau

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What is a Help Desk?

What is a Help Desk?

After using sociocracy “by the book” for years and very successfully, we have started to introduce a new concept: a Help Desk circle. It introduces a small but extremely powerful nuance in what circles are and how we can decentralize decisions and operations while empowering everyone in the organization in moving things forward that they care about.