For Profit: Europace


  • This case study features a for-profit in Germany
    • This case-study is helpful if you are a for-profit
    • Europace Inc. is a subsidiary company of Hypoport Inc. and has around 140 employees. Europace is Germany’s largest financial market place for real estate financing, building saving schemes and private credits. With a transaction platform, Europace Inc. creates and develops markets for the consumer. Europace is, roughly spoken, divided into four units. One of these is the “Privatkredit Unit” (short: PKU), which consists of 20 employees.
    • “Further growth of the unit is especially made possible with sociocracy.” 
    • This case study was written by Thorsten Scherbaum (Case study in English below. Other versions: English short version, German full version, German short version)

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