Creating the climate where Sociocratic principles can thrive. 6 months in the life of “Building OUT” – Abi Handley


Speaker: Abi Handley is a key organiser within Outlandish. She works across programme management, finances, communications and business development and focuses much of her time in developing communication skills across the Outlandish team.

Presentation: Building OUT is Outlandish’s programme of services and workshops that can build any team’s Openness, Understanding & Trust (see what we did there?). It’s delivered by practitioners from co-operatives that really use the tools we share in their everyday work. We believe the three principles of Building OUT (Openness, Understanding & Trust) are the bedrock of great teams and great results – the more you can practise developing these together and as individuals, the more you will be able to achieve. Find out what we’ve learned so far and help us explore some of the current challenges we have around bringing sociocratic principles to the wider world.


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National, regional and local chapters – expanding sociocracy

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