Cooperative: Blue Scorcher

Apr 28, 2018

  • A worker-owned cooperative bakery: Blue Scorcher Bakery 
    Scorcher bakery in Oregon (US) has been running on sociocracy since 2012. Make sure to check out the section on governance on their beautiful website!
  • This case study is helpful if you
    • are part of a worker coop in any sector
    • would like to see a tried and tested, established implementation of sociocracy
    • “[Sociocracy is] like getting a new game from the toy store. Some games you’re agonizing over the rule book trying to figure it out. Other games you’re playing within 15 minutes – Sociocracy is like that.”
    • This case study was written by Shane Eazor, as part of his contribution to the Sociocracy Leadership Training. Thanks, Shane! (click for webinar recording featuring Joe)

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