Dynamic Governance in Communities

“Creating cohousing involves a million decisions. Without a good way to make them, we’d have been stuck in the “eternal potluck” stage. Sociocracy is the foundation that allows us to get tons of work done, while also building trust and connection among our members. We have no regrets about deciding to adopt sociocracy.”

Cate de Vreede

Treehouse Village Ecohousing

Who is Already Doing it?

This list is FAR from complete. Help us by telling us about your community – send an email to Jerry ([email protected]).

  • Columbia Ecovillage, Portland, OR
  • Katywill Cohousing, Colrain, MA
  • Rocky Corner, New Haven CT
  • Woodard Cohousing, Olympia WA
  • TREE community, Ithaca Ecovillage NY (webinar)
  • Village Hearth Cohousing (NC, USA)
  • Iowa City Cohousing 
  • Albuquerque cohousing

Questions Answered

Why Dynamic Governance for communities?

Members of intentional communities (cohousing, ecovillages, cooperative housing) want to live and work in community. Sociocracy can help here. It is useful for your community if you want to:

  • hear all the voices and be able to make considerate decisions that work
  • be more connected in meetings and take the heat out of discussions
  • enjoy living and working together with smooth governance

Is it hard to do?

Dynamic Governance (DG) is used in dozens of communities and ecovillages worldwide. Depending on how your culture is set now, there is definitely a learning curve. However, that learning is often experienced as liberating and clarifying.

We have noticed that DG is easiest to implement in a forming group. Yet, even communities that have used consensus for decades have been able to switch and enjoy smooth, action-oriented and connecting governance.

Where do we start?

Read and watch the information on this site. If you are interested in suggesting DG/sociocracy to your community, make sure to read The Sociocracy Starter Kit first. You will notice that it suggests to involve other people in your exploration as early as possible.

Study group curriculum

Is your community trying to get an overview of Dynamic Governance (sociocracy) and what it feels like?
Trying to experience it as a group together?
See our study group curriculum!

6x 1.5-hour sessions with exercises, readings, handouts.
Perfect for groups of 5-8 people.
Video-led – just turn on the video and learn!
By donation/coaching on a sliding scale.

Dozens of communities have used this curriculum to get an overview of sociocracy (Dynamic Governance).

Resources for learning and implementation

Meeting posters

Having a visual makes every meeting easier to follow.
Use them in your meeting room, or laminate and bring along?

See posters (pdf)

Sample governance agreement

A document that lays out a governance agreement for a cohousing community.

See document

Sociocracy Starter Kit

An article describing the phases of introducing sociocracy in any organization.

Read article

Talk to a real human that understands cohousing!

Individual coaching with implementation teams from communities. Benefit from the experience with dozens of communities in this process – we’ve been there before!

Learn more

Sociocracy Handbook

Written by the co-founders of Sociocracy For All. 300 pages.

More information and purchase options

All SoFA resources for communities

Cohabitat Quebec
Cohabitat Quebec (cohousing in Canada)
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Policy vs. operations
Understanding the difference between operations and policy is key to making fast and good decisions. The idea in sociocracy is
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Case study of Treehouse Ecohousing
Treehouse Village Ecohousing is a project to build a cohousing community, the first in Atlantic Canada. It officially launched on
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Cohousing: Cohabitat Québec
An urban sociocratic cohousing community in Quebec, Canada, that values non-violent communication.
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Albuqueque Cohousing
A forming community in New Mexico (USA). Note the outside consultants/stakeholders connection.
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A community in Denmark
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Cohousing: Pioneer Valley Coho
A sociocratic community in Massachusetts that switched over after almost 20 years of consensus.
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Treehouse cohousing
A cohousing community in Nova Scotia (in formation)
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Photo of group at work
Rocky Corner cohousing
Rocky Corner is a cohousing community being built in Bethany, Connecticut in the USA.
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What do we do with “disruptive” behavior in meetings?
Do we have to endure "disruptive" team members if we want to be inclusive? What crosses the line, and what
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Signs pointing left and right — un-intentional decisions/intentional decisions
To decide or not to decide?
3 decisions every young organization will make — with intention or without
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Sociocracy in communities
Governance in intentional communities (cohousing and ecovillages) - what do they struggle with? How can sociocracy (aka Dynamic Governance) be
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Cohousing: Eden community
Eden Community is a Christian cohousing community. 
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The story of TREE governance
TREE cohousing in Ithaca Ecovillage in NY in the USA tells about their governance system, how they implemented how they
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Casa latina
An association of (associations of) ecovillages in Latinamerica.
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Cohousing: Instituto Bioregional do Cerrado
IBC’s purpose is to raise awareness and increase sustainability in bioregional communities.
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Decision Making through conflict
SoFA colleague Chen explaining not only feelings, needs and strategies but also the harder part - overcoming the adversarial story
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Woodard Lane Cohousing
Woodard Lane CoHousing
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Insider view into decision making in a community
Amy and Jana from Pioneer Valley cohousing are talking about the implementation process and how things are going in comparison
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Dynamic Governance in intentional communities
Why use Dynamic Governance in intentional communities? First-hand reports about the advantages.
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Book — Many Voices One Song: Shared Power with Sociocracy
Sociocracy Handbook: Many Voices One Song
The practical sociocracy handbook written by the co-founders of Sociocracy For All. 300 pages full of real-life support!
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Community of eco villages: Casa Latina
Casa Latina is the Latin American part of the Global Ecovillage Network, an association of ecovillages
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Eden cohousing
A Christian cohousing community in Texas.
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What needs to go into a governance agreement? (workshop recording)
In this webinar, Jerry Koch-Gonzalez is walking the audience through a sample governance agreement (aka “constitution”) that is needed to
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Hartsmill Cohousing
A cohousing community in North Carolina
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Middesex cohousing
A community in Massachusetts preparing to build
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Narara Ecovillage
Narara Ecovillage is a sustainable community based near Sydney, Australia which is managed by the Narara Ecovillage cooperative.
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The Art of community
A presentation and interview with Gregory Rouillard on his take on sociocracy.
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Circle structure of Pioneer Valley cohousing
The circle structure of Pioneer Valley cohousing
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Aldeafeliz is an ecovillage, an association of people with the same vision. We have been using sociocracy since 2014 and
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