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Better meetings start with a clear process.

These free meeting posters can help keep your group on track. Click on the images for a downloadable, printable PDF.

Meeting Format

Image of downloadable poster with the standard meeting format in sociocracy. Includes check-in, admin items, agenda topics, backlog, and meeting evaluation.
Help meetings run smoothly with this clear meeting format.

Consent and Proposals

Image of downloadable poster with instructions for forming proposals and the consent decision-making process in sociocracy. Includes proposal generation, consent, and objections.
Make more effective decisions by including everyone’s ideas.

Circle Roles

Image of downloadable poster containing circle roles in sociocracy: Leader, delegate, facilitator, and secretary.
Clarify who is responsible for tasks with circle roles.

Selections Process

Image of downloadable poster about selections process in sociocracy. Includes defining the role, making nominations, and consenting to a candidate.
Work together to choose qualified candidates to fill roles.

Meeting tips: magic phrases for facilitators

Meeting poster Magic phrases low res - meeting posters - Sociocracy For All
Keep meetings productive, inclusive, and smooth with these magic phrases.

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