An effective, fun way to understand & use feedback loops – Diana Leafe Christian

I describe what I’ve learned about the need for people new to Sociocracy to learn how feedback loops are built into proposals right at the beginning of their learning process. I demonstrate an easy way to understand and learn them, first through a graphic format that shows how feedback loops function in the creation, implementation, and later assessment of a proposal. And second, specific exercises using already-existing short proposals to which people learning Sociocracy can add sentences (often in the form of questions) they will use to later measure and evaluate the proposal in specific upcoming policy meetings of their circle. I say why I think this is really helpful for the whole context of learning Sociocracy, how well it’s worked for people who’ve learned it this way. This presentation would be designed to offer a suggestions for other Sociocracy trainers, in-house study groups teaching their organizations Sociocracy, and people now learning Sociocracy or already using it.

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