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Landing pages for permaculture, intentional communities, cooperatives and for-purpose organizations coming soon!

Case studies

Educational Articles

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Organizational structures (diagrams)


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Brochure: What is sociocracy?
Brochure: Communities without burnout
Brochure: Empowered Learning Circles
Brochure: Sociocracy Leadership Training
Brochure: About SoFA
Decision-making sheet (color, engl.)
Decision-making sheet (english, grey)
Decision-making sheet (Italian)
Decision-making sheet (French)
Decision-making sheet (Portuguese)

MOOSE: Learn sociocracy with these interactive videos

Within about 45min total, you can get a thorough overview on sociocracy with these interactive learning videos. They are intended for specific sociocratic organizations but you can see this version for SoFA as membership organization.