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Our webinars are free. Join the mailing list or to hear about location on zoom, schedule changes and topics etc. Our webinars always have a theme with a brief presentation (under 25min). They are followed by Q&A on the theme (another 30min), then we typically have time to stay for open Q&A where you can bring your questions and have them answered live by a sociocratic expert. We announce our webinars in our monthly newsletter, and all upcoming workshops are posted here.


Decision-making sheet

The decision-making sheets below are a must for all sociocratic facilitators! You can also use it if you are a facilitator in a non- (or not yet-)  sociocratic organization. Click to view a high-resolution file and watch the video on how to use it (4:17min).

thumb_bw    thumb_color

Explanation of what this decision-making sheet is about:


Other resources

Examples of organizational structures of sociocratic organizations are here.

Have all left-over questions answered in these FAQ videos. Send us an email to add more questions, and we will answer in a video!

Here you can find a generic governance document for intentional communities. This might give you some ideas about how an implementation in your organization might look like.

These are some general links that you might find useful: