Sociocracy academy

Coming in fall 2018!

Sociocracy For All is preparing advanced training for anyone who would like to become a trainer or consultant for sociocratic organizations, or anyone who would like to dive in deep.

The specifics are still being worked out in Training Support Circle. Here is what we do know:

The idea of the sociocracy academy is to provide learning and experience on a high level for every student while building community and helping to make sociocracy accessible to more people. The principles behind the Sociocracy Academy are aligned with the principles we most honor in the concepts of sociocracy.

  • Connection: We believe that community and reflection in a trusted group are vital to learning and growth. Therefore, every student will be part of a community of practice that shares reflections, gives feedback and mutual support.
  • Equivalence and choice: SoFA as the hosting organization of the Sociocracy Academy is not prescriptive on what has to be learned or taught. There will be a lot of choices, and there will be more opportunities to learn than just your ordinary (online) workshop.
  • Continuous learning: There will be no “certification” at the end of a class as there is no end to learning. Instead, there will be badges for every major achievement, skill or learning. We intend to make the badges open, transparent and compatible with other sociocracy teaching organizations. Students enrolled in the Sociocracy Academy will be listed on the SoFA website, including their badges and their portfolio with their unique thoughts, experiences, and skills, to provide a reference.
  • Having a vision of social change:
    • SoFA encourages projects that are aligned with an egalitarian and life-serving view on society.
    • SoFA is committed to making sociocracy affordable. To that end, enrollment and all workshop fees are on a pay-what-you-can basis, and within reason, every participant can choose their own pace.

We are working hard to open the virtual doors to the Sociocracy Academy for fall of 2018. If you’re on our mailing list, you will hear about it!