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The Wellbeing Protocol – Creating a Community Wellbeing DAO

The Wellbeing Protocol creating a community wellbeing DAO - - Sociocracy For All


In 2020 we began a journey to explore if Web 3/decentralisation, localism and Teal could be combined to empower and strengthen low socio-economic place based communities in New Zealand. This began with a local digital currency (the Canon Coin Trial) in 2021 and in May this year the government funded Tane Ora trial – a ground breaking experiment in true community participatory grantmaking. Numerous larger trial are now being planned across NZ and the UK. This presentation will discuss our journey, learnings, architecture, software demo, vision / roadmap and Q & A.


Mark Pascall - - Sociocracy For All

Passionate about all things decentralised / blockchain for social good. Career highlights include: founding partner at Metacartel Ventures DAO, creating the first University course in the world on DAOs, bringing Vitalik Buterin and Andreas Antonopoulos over to NZ, co-founding BlockchainLabs, pollinator for the DAOStack Genesis DAO, Executive Director of BlockchainNZ, featured in Decentralised Thriving (https://daostack.io/ebook), presenting at a select committee hearing for the NZ government, co-authoring “New Zealand: Unlocking Blockchain’s Potential” and presenting at over 40 conferences in 6 countries on decentralisation topics.