Training options

Training options

Sociocracy Leadership Training

Sociocracy Leadership Training is a first-hand experience for everyone who wants to try out sociocracy, either out of curiosity or to gain skills. SoLT is at the same time the most common “entry ticket” into our SoFA membership, since many people like SoLT so much that they want to stay around and keep working together.
SoLT typically runs 9 weeks, 4 times a year and with 12-18 people per cohort. Learn more about SoLT

Empowered Learning Circle (ELC)

This study group curriculum is perfect for every group that wants to look into sociocracy together. The best thing about ELC is that it is very affordable – either simply by donation or with a coach on sliding scale. You can do it whenever you want, wherever you want with your people.
Learn more about ELC

Sociocracy Academy (training of trainers)

You are thinking about becoming a trainer? Stay tuned because we will have a great offer SoFA members in fall of 2018!  Read our thoughts on advanced training.

2.5-day workshops

SoFA members have been offering 2.5-day workshops for years. Those workshops can be limited to one organization or open workshops. The most typical setup is a Friday late afternoon start with Saturday and Sunday as full workshop days. (See what we cover in a 2.5 day workshop.)

Facilitation training

Facilitation is one of the essential skills to make collaboration run well. As they say, one has to know a lot to do very little. That’s why this facilitation class is strictly for advanced learners who know enough about sociocracy to participate effectively. This class is new and will run 1-2 per year over a course of 12 weeks. (The first class will be in fall 2018 – stay tuned!)