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Sociocracy For All has its greatest strengths in (a) empowering you to learn sociocracy in a group with our study group curriculum with Empowered Learning Circle. (b) producing videos about sociocracy and (c) intimate, community-oriented online sociocracy training (SoLT)

 Empowered Learning Circles

Our study group curriculum with videos, exercises, handouts, session plans and readings. All you need to learn is a group, and off you go!

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Sociocracy Leadership Training (SoLT)

SoLT is a fantastic way of learning sociocracy in depth with a fun and international group of people, wherever you are on the planet.


Case studies & org. structures

In this section, you can deepen our understanding by seeing some real life examples of how other organizations live sociocracy. We don’t have to re-invent the wheel, let’s collaborate and share!

Our Videos

We want to empower organizations and individuals to explore sociocracy on their own. That’s why we produce videos and publish them for free. Enjoy our collection of over 20 videos.



Find a manual chapter about all the relevant pieces of sociocracy. 125 pages of text, diagrams and visuals are waiting for you.



Facilitation tools

We offer resources for you to explore to improve your meetings. We know that small tools and techniques can go a long, long way. Enjoy!