Many Voices, One Song

Many Voices, One Song

330 pages

75 circle diagrams

55 examples and skits

47 tables and lists

stories from real implementations

lots of examples of what sociocracy sounds like

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“I appreciate the warm and kindly tone, clear graphics demonstrating many possible configurations of linked circles, and sheer comprehensive coverage of the topic in Many Voices One Song. The authors include valuable field-tested tips using sociocracy, drawn from their personal experiences. I highly recommend this book for existing and forming communities using or considering using sociocracy”.

Diana Leafe Christian

“This is a very important book. Many people will find its specific guidance very useful as they start using sociocracy to make their organization more nimble, adaptive and humane.” 

John Buck (Co-author of We The People)

This book delivers the essentials of sociocracy by sticking to its core values and principles. It’s a rich, balanced mix between pure sociocracy and valuable tips from experienced practitioners.
It’s good to finally have such a practical manual available: It is the Bible that any organization going to implement sociocracy should procure itself.

Stéphane Brodu, Collaborative governance coach and collective intelligence consultant

What an incredibly rich source of both wisdom and practical knowledge! Thank you for sharing with us.


There are three reasons for why Jennifer Ted Rau and Jerry Koch-Gonzales have written the book. The reasons are (1) to build skills, (2) to avoid reinventing the wheel, and (3) because they care deeply about equivalence. In the book, they share what they know about shared power and how to do it.

Jan Höglund

Finally a handbook for Sociocracy! The handbook is detailed, practical, full of examples and insights from experience. A wonderful contribution for people striving for better workplaces and communities.”

Frederic Laloux, author of Reinventing Organizations

“Sociocracy feels so powerful and relevant to the needs of our times, so I deeply value how you are making it so accessible.”


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