Accountability in Community

Crystal Byrd Farmer | 19:00 UTC

In this workshop, Crystal Byrd Farmer presents a new Accountability Process based in on restorative/transformative justice and accountability pods. Designed to address conflicts involving harm, this process offers a constructive approach to resolution. Gain insights into the vital roles of the Accountability Seeker, Accountability Receiver, and Mediator. Discover how the process works, from engaging the parties to suggesting repair steps, and understand the community’s role in shaping outcomes. This opportunity is a chance to understand the process’ potential to foster understanding, repair harm, and create safer spaces


Crystal Byrd Farmer
Crystal Byrd Farmer

Crystal Byrd Farmer is an organizer and consultant in the intentional communities movement. She serves as a board member for the Foundation for Intentional Community, the BIPOC Intentional Community Council, and The Sum. She also runs an Agile Learning Center for disabled children called Gastonia Freedom School. In 2020 she published The Token: Common Sense Ideas for Increasing Diversity in Your Organization. Crystal is passionate about encouraging people to change their perspectives on diversity, relationships, and the world.

The Sociocracy in Intentional Communities Conference 2023 is organized sociocratically by SoFA’s Intentional Communities Circle

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